Here you will find decorating tips and inspirations from our favorite designers.


Inspiration #1  


How to make your living room a happy place to be by Jonathan Adler 

‘A happy home is the fuel you need to slice through life!’ enthuses Jonathan Adler. ‘Your home is an expression of who you are – or who at least who you want to be – and it should make you feel like the most glamorous, eccentric version of yourself that you could ever imagine. Take the time to adorn your home in creative confections, you owe it to yourself.’

‘Call me a megalomaniac (you wouldn’t be the first), but my home is happy because it’s full of the furniture and objets that I’ve devoted my life to creating, I love to live with my designs and be in constant dialogue with them. It’s also happy because of my adorable bloke Simon Doonan, and our even adorabler mutt, Foxy.’ 

The living room is important because it’s where two out of my three favorite activities happen: watching TV and reading (my third favorite activity is paddle boarding, which I have found is much better done on a body of water rather than a living room).’