Aerangis NO. 51 Secret Garden Candle

$80.00 USD

The Scent: 

  • This calming fragrance balances green notes of pine and eucalyptus with a hint of ceremonial incense. As the wax melts, it gives way to underlying notes of oolong tea, fresh geranium and earthy moss which recall a peaceful garden at dawn.

The Notes: 

  • Top: olibanum, incense, pine, eucalyptus
  • Middle: clove, geranium, moss, vanilla, tea accord
  • Base: cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood

The Memory:

  • A sensory refuge, this scent embodies the memories of my childhood garden, and the feelings of warmth and peace I found within those walls. An oasis just steps from the bustle of the chaotic streets of Taichung in Taiwan, the garden smelled of fresh grass, a whisper of incense leftover from my grandmother’s morning prayers, and the fresh pot of oolong tea always available for our guests.

Approximate burn time:

  • 8 oz: 50 hours

Please call for availability in store - delivery timeline between 7-10 days.

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