Porcelain Geisha

$198.00 USD

Bewitching Visage.

A whisper of Giacometti, a hint of Brancusi, a nod to Japan, and a heap of sculptural hair. Our matte porcelain Geisha Sculpture is dynamic from every angle—abstracted, elongated, elegant—and as much a formal exploration as it is a fashion statement. Brimming with sculptural and geometric possibilities, it's the perfect crowning moment for your tablescape.


  • 9" W, 6.5" D, 15.5" H
  • High-fired unglazed matte porcelain
  • Unglazed pieces have a matte finish that accentuates the forms
  • Imported
  • Jonathan was (and is) a potter first: rough, smooth, glossy or mottled, each piece of our pottery still starts its journey in our Soho pottery studio where he and his team sculpt the original model in clay

Care & cleaning:

  • Wipe with a soft, damp cloth
  • Spot clean with soap and water
  • Only use soft, non-abrasive cloths (sponges may leach into the unglazed ceramic surface)
  • Minor wear on unglazed porcelain surfaces can be cleaned with a Magic Eraser

Please call for availability in store - delivery timeline between 10-14 days.

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