Jonathan Adler

Arco Large Vase

$275.00 USD

Structured Elegance.

Modern and elemental, timeless and elegant. Each of our Arco vases features a unique stepped tunnel relief crafted from unglazed porcelain. Soft, rounded silhouettes balance their texture and dimension. Instantly iconic vessels that feel architectural in your Soho loft and posh in your Malibu bungalow.


  • 8" W, 4" D, 18.25" H
  • High-fired unglazed porcelain exterior, glazed interior
  • Imported
  • Jonathan was (and is) a potter first: rough, smooth, glossy or mottled, each piece of our pottery still starts its journey in our Soho pottery studio where he and his team sculpt the original model in clay

Care & cleaning:

  • Wipe with a soft, damp cloth
  • Spot clean with soap and water
  • Only use soft, non-abrasive cloths (sponges may leach into the unglazed ceramic surface)
  • Minor wear on unglazed porcelain surfaces can be cleaned with a Magic Eraser
  • Dishwasher safe; top rack recommended

 Please call for availability in store - delivery timeline between 2-4 weeks.

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