Pop Art Crown

$500.00 USD
A vintage illustration of the Imperial Crown of India and the St. Edwards Crown originally featured in 'The Crown Jewels of England', by Sir George John Younghusband and Cyril Davenport, published 1919. These fabulous pieces of British historic memorabilia are given a new lease of life by the Pop inspired, matt colour background that fills the outside space. The style is reminiscent of the famous Fine Art of the 1960's and 70's that heavily featured cultural imagery using the silkcreen printing techniques. The many precious gems are clearly visible in the intricate design of the royal headwear. The St. Edwards crown is proudly one of the oldest of English Crown Jewels, that can be dated as far back as 1065 and the Crown of India remains more modern, having been created for George V, Emperor of India, to wear in 1911.
  • Contemporary White with Linen Slip
  • 21in x 25in
  • 612L

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